About Liesbeth Smit

Expert in nutrition science.

After an academic career as a nutrition scientist at Harvard School of Public Health and VU University, I now help scientists to present their research better. Whether it’s for outreach or education, I make science attractive by developing websites, e-learning, presentations and infographics with my company, The Online Scientist.

My goal is to make complex information accessible to the public. I leave the actual research to the PhD students and professors. Instead of the usual PubMed articles for users to wade through, I’ll create a clear website, infographic or e-learning course where people can immediately see what the research is about and why it is important.

Creative with data & information.

Science can be sexy, and it’s my passion to show that any topic can be interesting when it’s presented well. I’m creative with data and can design an attractive visual from even the most abstract information.

When I’m not working to communicate science, you’ll find me performing at storytelling events, teaching classes in the gym, learning new programming languages or exploring new cities.

Get in touch with me and let’s talk about how I can help you achieve your goals!

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Liesbeth Smit | Making science sexy | websites & e-learning

Liesbeth is not only a web design expert. She is also well-grounded in science. She understands our specific needs and knows how to fine-tune design and content.

– Dr. C. Busstra, Department of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University

Eet als een expert - Boek voeding en gezondheid - Liesbeth Smit


In nutrition science

Are you looking for an expert to clearly explain nutrition science? Would you like help brainstorming healthy food ideas? Or, maybe you need an interesting angle for a health-related TV show?

Because of my academic background in nutrition science and communication, I can answer your questions about nutrition and health-based on evidence from the latest research.

Published author

My book, Eet als een expert (Eat Like an Expert), deals with misinformation about nutrition science and explains how you can reduce chronic disease and become healthy with a diet based on scientific evidence. Or, if you want to make sure your message is evidence-based, you can hire me as an expert consultant.

Pick my brain & pay per minute

Call me through clarity.fm for expert advice on all your nutrition related questions. Avoid costly consultancy fees and pay per minute for a quick answer to any of your questions. Also for questions about science communication.

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Websites for freelancers and dieticians

Web design

For freelancers & dieticians

I build affordable websites for freelancers and dieticians. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been building your company for years, I’ll help you create a professional online presence that attracts the right clients and makes your brand memorable. I have a unique product for dieticians, and I’ve worked with all types of freelancers—from coaches and artists to actors and financial analysts.

We have all seen websites that are beautiful but not user-friendly, or fast-loading websites with badly written content and chaotic design. When you hire me, all the elements of web design, content and usability will work together. There is no need to hire a designer and a developer for your website. I’ll create the one-of-a-kind design and develop the website on the back end. When it’s finished, you’ll have a fast, user-friendly site with quality content and an appealing design.

Clarifying your professional goals

When I build your website, I make sure to fully understand your preferences and what you’d like to achieve. From there, I’ll work with you to determine the key messages, and build a beautiful site that reflects your character and professional goals. It’s not done until you are proud of it!

The Online Scientist

For scientists who want to make an impact with their research

Science is interesting, but it’s often presented in a boring, complicated way. The Online Scientist specializes in making science exciting and easy to understand through interactive tools such as infographics and interactive exercises. Stephan van Duin and I created The Online Scientist for researchers, PhD students, and universities. We’ll make sure that the information stays accurate and retains its nuance. Your research will have impact without ever being dumbed down.

With the Online Scientist, we’ll make sure that your high-profile scientific research is not ignored, or that a sexy result does not slip into oblivion. The Online Scientist is the one-stop shop for researchers who want to communicate clearly, but do not always have the knowledge or time to do so.


See what The Online Scientist can do for your science communication at www.theonlinescientist.com


“Liesbeth is a very talented young web designer. She brings a scientific attitude to her work, but she also combines it with an innate aesthetic sense. The result is a wonderful synergy of symmetry and design.  It was a pleasure to work with her on my recently launched website. Not only did she create my digital home, she also nudged me to learn with her online tutorials, so that by the time the website went live, I could do some rudimentary editing myself.”

– Rituparna Roy, Lecturer at Leiden University College


Call for consultancy

Contact me

Would you like a website that you can maintain yourself? Do you have questions about how to apply e-learning to your course materials? Want to request a quote? Email me for more information.

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I was impressed by Liesbeth’s patience, creativity and flexibility while building my website. She quickly understood what I wanted visitors to feel and surprised me with beautiful design elements and great visuals. She’s quick and has the most CAN-DO attitude I have ever encountered.

– Miriam Brouwer, Facilitator, teamcoach, trainer

Liesbeth not only designed my professional website (www.desireehoving.nl), she also advised me on how to make it customer-oriented. She helped me choose a design that suited me personally, while incorporating my ideas. If you are looking for a smart, fast and creative person to help with your website, you’ve found your match!

– Desiree Hoving, science journalis

I am very pleased with my collaboration with Liesbeth for my website. She helped me create insight into all my projects. She was open to my ideas and changes. She was a positive sparring partner who was not afraid to held the reins.  I think she’s an expert in translating (abstract) information into a clear user-friendly website.

– Iwan Dam, Actor