No more boring science communication!

Whatever you want to tell, I bring your story to life with creativity & technology. Let me turn your complex ideas into exciting visuals that are easy to understand. Always with a big smile on my face, full of enthusiasm and without hassle.

I design & build creative websites, infographics, & interactive storytelling campaigns

I always aim to make the world a little better. Do you want to learn how to make beautiful presentations and effective posters yourself? Then book one of my science communication workshops.

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Making science sexy
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Liesbeth knows how to get you out of your comfort zone and comes up with surprisingly nice ideas. She is very enthusiastic and will go the extra mile to make your project a success!

– Dr. Ir. Cecile Veerman, Innovation in R&D

What does Liesbeth do?

I design & develop things...

Things like creative storytelling websites, infographics, interactive tools & e-learning, (poster) presentations & and logos. So basically everything.

(and I inspire others with books and presentations)

I write books about nutrition and science communication. You can also hire me as a speaker or book a workshop. Beautiful presentation guaranteed!

..for passionate scientists ...

Are you a scientist with a passion for communicating your research? I help to convey your story concisely and in clear (visual) language to your target group.

..and entrepreneurs…

I help dedicated entrepreneurs with their unique expertise to translate their work into a website with the right content and appearance.

…with creative solutions

I ask the right questions to get your message clear and translate your wishes into a beautiful design.

From the start of your project, I will be your sparring partner. I will come up with creative ideas to capture your personality in a design that is clear and user-friendly.

I approach every assignment with integrity, energy and a flexible mindset.

Liesbeth is an amazingly intelligent, determined, passionate, and hardworking individual. Moreover, she is one of the most amicable and congenial colleagues one could ever work with and ask for. Liesbeth is incredible in every way, and a pleasure to work with.

– Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, Epidemiologist, nutritionist, and health economist at Harvard School of Public Health

About Liesbeth Smit, MSc

After an academic career as a nutrition scientist at Harvard School of Public Health and VU University, I now help scientists to present their research better. Whether it’s for outreach or education, I make science attractive by developing websites, e-learning, presentations and infographics with my company, The Online Scientist.

Designs to make content stand out

My goal is to put a smile on people’s faces while they are learning about important research. I love making science and other complex topics fun & accessible to anyone and make the world a better place. I do this by combining my skills in storytelling, science communication, design & the latest technology.

Science can be sexy, and it’s my passion to show that any topic can be interesting when it’s presented well.


I write about nutrition science and science communication and have published three books in collaboration with other experts. My books inspire healthy eating and better presentation of scientific results.


Through my experience with improvisation and storytelling you can put me on any stage for a substantive story about food science, or an inspiring workshop on how to communicate science better.

Nutrition scientist

I trained as a nutrition scientist and did nutritional research for many years. I now explain food science in books, columns, blogs, magazines and on television.

I’ve never seen a more beautiful presentation! Liesbeth has a talent for design, and she knows how to make beautiful, clear and powerful slides. In addition, she is a top performer in the field of presentation. She speaks enthusiastically about her expertise. She gives lots of examples, clear advice and knows how to present complex matters in an attractive way.

– Marloes Ten Kate, presentation coach

What can I do for you?

Science communication

Nutrition & Health


Book a workshop or masterclass on how to increase your impact as a scientist. Or learn how you can use design to present your research results better. For example for a PhD day or a conference.


I design complete websites including logo and unique corporate identity. I think along about what should be on your website and even help you write texts. From € 950 ex. VAT.


Whether it is a presentation about nutrition science & misinformation, or a presentation about science communication and design, it’s always full of energy and enthusiasm. Evidence-based and beautifully designed of course!


Whether it’s complex infographics, simple flyers, the layout of scientific reports or a business card for a starting freelancer, I help you to convert your expertise into professional, user-friendly designs.

Fighting misinformation

Liesbeth not only helped me with the development of my website, but also helped with clarifying what my company has to offer. Colors, visualization, texts: everything is right! Liesbeth knew exactly how I wanted it. She is passionate, creative, helpful and a very nice person to work with.

– Ellis Vyth, Trainer for scientists

The Online Scientist


For scientists who want to make an impact with their research!

The Online Scientist

The Online Scientist specializes in making science exciting and easy to understand through interactive tools such as infographics and interactive exercises. Stephan van Duin and I created The Online Scientist for researchers, PhD students, and universities. We’ll make sure that the information stays accurate and retains its nuance. Your research will have impact without ever being dumbd down.

The Online Scientist is the one-stop shop for researchers who want to communicate clearly, but do not always have the knowledge or time to do so.

Web design portfolio

Web design portfolio